November 20, 2017

Mental Health Monday: Holiday Self Care

The holidays often carry a mixed bag for people.  While ideally, it is a time of greater awareness of friends, family, and gratitude unfortunately it can […]
November 13, 2017

Mental Health Monday: Are You Stuck?

It is not uncommon to hear people say from time to time, “I don’t know what’s going on with me…I just feel stuck.”  For some people stuck […]
November 6, 2017

Mental Health Monday: Recovering Your Sleep Routine

For most people the Fall Back hour gained during Daylight Savings Time is certainly preferred over the Spring Ahead loss of sleep.  Still, any change to […]
November 3, 2017

Spotlight: James Morse

If your company has been in the market for a new employee recently you understand the laborious endeavor of finding a qualified applicant.  Raza Properties underwent […]
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