Celebrating Darrell Clarke and the 5th District

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October 23, 2017
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Celebrating Darrell Clarke and the 5th District

Last week the Philadelphia Business Journal revealed their list of some of the region’s biggest and brightest individuals who are influencing the area in positive ways.  This is not a ranked list and includes people from all aspects of life in the Philadelphia region.  From higher education to medicine, property and construction to banking, entertainment, leadership, tourism and everything in between.  This list is a great example of the ways that all manner of fields and areas of interest intersect, overlap, and effect change in a city like Philadelphia.  

The Philadelphia Business Journal notes that some may disagree with nominees who were selected and they encourage conversation around the list.  Whether you agree or disagree with each of the chosen, or not chosen, I think we can all agree it’s impressive to see the array of highly qualified professionals who are committed to advancing their cause for the good of Philadelphia.  

On that note, we are proud to see that Darrell Clarke, who is President of Philadelphia City Council and represents the 5th district, where Raza Properties is proud to be a significant contributor, was recognized on PBJ’s 2017 Power 100. 

“Darrell Clarke was first elected to represent the 5th District in 1999.  He became council president in 2012 upon the retirement of Anna C. Verna.  The longtime aid to former Mayor John Street, Clarke is known as a shrewd negotiator who keeps a fairly tight control on the city council agenda.  His support of progressive issues such as paid sick leave and “ban the box” has been criticized by some in the business community, but he has been a strong advocate for redevelopment in struggling neighborhoods.”

Congratulations Representative Clarke and thank you for your enduring commitment to Philadelphia!

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