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November 20, 2017
Week #1: #GiveBackBuildUp Raza Properties’ Residents
November 30, 2017
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This year Raza Properties is taking the 2017 holiday season as an opportunity to give back to the people, surrounding organizations, local communities, and greater City of Philadelphia in an intentional way.   It is our mission year round to celebrate and serve Philadelphians and provide a high quality housing experience, but also to contribute in meaningful ways beyond the brick and mortar.  

We are so grateful for the many successes of the past year.  Raza Properties has grown tremendously and we are humbled by all the many people, places, and aspects of Philadelphia that make our work possible. This time of year only heightens that keen awareness of the need to be grateful, generous, and geared towards positive change. So here is how we will zero in on our goal to #GiveBackBuildUp!

We will be running a four week campaign that devotes one week to each of the above entities:

Week 1: #GiveBackBuildUp individual Philadelphians and Raza Properties’ residents

Week 2: #GiveBackBuildUp local organizations who support the needs and well-being of Philadelphia

Week 3: #GiveBackBuildUp the community and neighborhood where we are hard at work in Sharswood and North Francisville

Week 4: #GiveBackBuildUp the greater city of Philadelphia  

In addition to sharing articles, pictures, and insights through social media we will also have a special project each week intended to offer recognition to that week’s area of focus.  

We invite you to follow, join, and engage as we enter this exciting opportunity to say thank you in an intentional and earnest manner. 




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