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September 28, 2017
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October 9, 2017
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Mental Health Monday: Gut Check

“If you’re not mentally ready you’re never really physically prepared…Everyone on this planet has a gift. It’s your job to figure out what that gift is. It’s your job to decide if you’re going to act on that or not… It’s what you don’t see that’s going to determine how far you go.”

“Most people go through this life using a small amount of their potential”: How are you investing in yourself? What’s your gift?

“You’ll be learning so much as you go along…Follow your passion”: What are you learning? 

“Please don’t let people push you into what success is”:  What is success for you?

“Whoever you spend time with effects your beliefs and your values”:  Are you surrounded by individuals who elevate you?

“If you run the 100 yard dash with people must faster than you, you might come in last but you will run faster”:  How do your coworkers and colleagues you interact with make you faster?

“It’s never as easy as you think it is…”: “How are you responding to pivotal moments of enormous adversity? How do you get up and do the work and deal with the problems as they come your way?”

“There’s always someone who has more”: What’s the larger issue?

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