Mental Health Monday: The Impact of Color

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October 19, 2017
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October 30, 2017
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Mental Health Monday: The Impact of Color

We have come to another crossroads where the world of real estate, development, design, business, and mental health come together.  

How do you choose what color to use in your home or office? What impact does that color have on human emotion?   Anyone in real estate or overlapping fields understands that design has a significant effect on people.  In some cases a reaction can be felt almost immediately upon entering a space, while other times style and decor can have a more subtle vibration.

When it comes to the psychology of color we understand that different shades evoke different emotions in the consumer.  The hue we choose is best when it incorporates both what is trending as well as what will help us achieve the greater goal of the environment — Creativity? Relaxation? Warmth?  

An expert in this area of applied psychology, Sally August, Ph.D., is an environmental psychologist who has “consulted with individuals as well as organizations to create places where people thrive.”  She is also the editor of Research Design Connections which we recommend you check out if you are in the business of design or selecting color for spaces.  August’s writing and work is focused on a science-based approach for the world of style and design.

Recently, in this article Go with Green on Psychology Today she writes about the importance of incorporating green into design.   August debunks the myth that green is out when it comes to interior design, and she highlights the research that links green and creativity.

For more insight into this topic we also encourage you to check out this article on, How to Use Color Psychology to Give Your Business an Edge.  But here is a peak at what they have to say about the impact of color on our psyche:

“Green sparks creativity

Red reduces analytical thinking

Blue is most accepted 

Yellow isn’t usually a hit

Orange is associated with good value

Pink is calming

White may lead to boredom”

So next time you’re looking at the paint chips ask yourself, “What effect am I hoping to elicit?” and “Is my color choice aiding me in that goal”? Paint on!


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