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November 6, 2017
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Mental Health Monday: Are You Stuck?

It is not uncommon to hear people say from time to time, “I don’t know what’s going on with me…I just feel stuck.” 

For some people stuck is an in between time– a waiting period before embarking on something new, the anticipation of a transition not yet realized, a holding place prior to making a leap. This is the land of knowing a breakthrough is coming and is close, but yet so far: a bonus, a break, a build, a birth.  For others the time of stuck holds less anticipation of something new and more the angst of the unknown–Am I on the right path? Where am I headed? What’s missing? 

This allusive time of feeling in limbo or worse the feeling of being held down grasping at, or for, our potential can be a painful place to sit.  It can breed anxiety, fear, regret, and even depression. Furthermore, if it persists it can cause us to question ourselves and our surroundings. 

Can you relate?

While there is no magic one-size-fits-all cure for feeling stuck, there are things that can be done to help us get traction and feel propelled forward to some degree.  

The first step is to determine what is the source of the looming feeling you have.  

Until we understand at least on a general level where our issue is concentrated it will be difficult to generate forward momentum. Is it largely professional–burnout, boredom? More related to personal–finances, relationships, connection, healing?  Is it in your physical world–weight, energy, nutrition? Can it be narrowed to the psychological or spiritual–matters of purpose, higher power, limiting beliefs, emptiness? This primary task of reflecting and zoning in to find the source of feeling stagnate and stifled is critical.  

Slowing down and tuning in to where the hole is can help us immensely when it comes time to patch it.

Once we determine the area of focus the work begins, a more individualized and specific overhaul concentrated on unearthing whatever keeps us bogged down. Sometimes it requires a minor tweak: Change up our routine, add something small, remove something unnecessary. Other times our stuck-ness may ask us to make some courageous adjustments to our home, work, or even mindset.  

But today our focus is on that first simple — and yet not easy– step. Begin to ask yourself what steals peace and keeps you feeling stuck

If you’re struggling with this in your life take 5 minutes to listen to this podcast to remind yourself during this difficult time that You Have No Limits.

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