North Philly Rezones for Single-Family Homes

Francisville downzoning
May 25, 2017
A vision of more-affordable housing in gentrifying Philly neighborhoods
May 28, 2017
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North Philly Rezones for Single-Family Homes

With gentrification creeping into much of Philadelphia’s city neighborhoods, some are showing signs of concern. The growth stretching from Cecil B. Moore Avenue and North Broad to 22nd Street, with Temple University’s rising enrollments, the change is quite evident with blight and new development nestled together.

Those concerned with the impact of these new developments have decided to slow the rate of change by limiting any new development to single family in an effort to decrease potential density. Even though recent changes have resulted in a safer and more desirable area to live, some argue that “We’ve had so much change in the last 50 years. And while change is inevitable in a city, we want to keep a hold on some level of stability.”

Others are looking to continue the growth – “It’s attracted developers like Rahil Raza, of Raza Properties, and Michael Petrikowsky, of Blackstone Development. Both have developed multifamily housing separately in the Cecil B. Moore area and have concerns that the zoning ordinance could have a chilling effect on all development in the neighborhood”

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