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January 20, 2017
February 3, 2017
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SPOTLIGHT on Corrine Raza

As we continue our Raza Properties spotlight series featuring various members of the team, today we focus on Corrine Raza, Director of Property Operations.

Corrine was born and raised right outside Philadelphia in Delaware County, Aston PA. “From before day one while Rahil and his brother were debating on their first purchase” Corrine was involved with the company, the work, and extensive planning required to get it where it is today.

Like many hard-working startups, family members can play a critical part in the success of the business.  Often this requires Corrine to patiently wear many hats across the different aspects of the business.

Her role has evolved over the years, “At first it was just my opinion on things, then came interior and exterior design input and consulting, to logging hours and doing the bookkeeping, attending meetings, operating as property manager, taking care of QuickBooks, addressing all tenant related issues, monitoring and paying bills, scheduling and coordinating with collaborators on issues from excavation to installing Peco, water, and PGW, housing authority paperwork, company taxes, and more!

While that list is extensive and impressive, the truth of the matter is emotional support for husband and CEO, Rahil Raza is a full-time job, and one Corrine and Rahil feel is her “biggest role.”

It’s not all toil and grind though.  Corrine enjoys “knowing that we are impacting not just an area, but actual people.”  She acknowledges that often the cost of “living in areas like center city is not feasible for most graduates right away as well as families.” Corrine feels personally connected to the mission of the work since she shared she, “grew up in a low-income apartment” her whole life. “My mom worked very hard raising two kids on her own, but it was impossible to afford to live in a large or new building with any nice amenities.”  So she has worked alongside Rahil to make the dream of high quality housing in a desirable area affordable.

Corrine brings a valuable perspective to the table about the importance of environment and the impact on motivation and drive. “I personally feel that when you can surround yourself in an environment that makes you feel better, it can inspire you to push harder at accomplishing your goals.”

When it comes to her love of Philly, Corrine’s favorite aspect is the “amazing, authentic food and shops of course!”  When the weather cooperates, “My husband and I used to always go to Fairmont park and trail off from there, the past two summers we have enjoyed going to Spruce Street Harbor Park. And whenever we can get down there on a Saturday, we love to go to The Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market for fresh local veggies.”

The development business is tough at times and while it illuminates Corrine and Rahil’s, passion for potential, hard work, and all things Philly it’s not without cost.  Corrine shared that she carries this quote in her wallet and Rahil has a copy in his office.  It speaks to the heart of their life together and her role in this crazy business.






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