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SPOTLIGHT on Faraz Aftab

As we continue our Raza Properties spotlight series featuring various members of the team, this week we are focusing on Faraz Aftab, our Director of Operations.

This week we are shining light on a very important member of the Raza Properties family. Faraz Aftab, who is our Director of Operations has been in the construction industry for eight years. He owned his own company for two years and partnered with Rahil Raza in early 2017. Faraz is well-versed in all things construction. He has deep knowledge in what it takes to run a business and how to manage employees, such as the subcontractors, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing employees that he hires. He puts in a lot of effort to study the codes and requirements needed to have a successful construction team.

When did you start your job with Raza Properties and can you explain a little more about what you do for RPG?

I met Rahil in 2016 and together, we formed Raza Property Group in early 2017. Overall, what I do is oversee and manage the entire construction team. I spend a lot of my time on-site. I handle all project-management affiliated with RPG. I also handle a lot of the real estate aspects of our properties. I market them and I rent them out to our tenants. I get to work a lot with our tenants. It’s nice being able to see that all of our hard work is appreciated and is utilized by the great people I have met who have moved into our properties. So basically, I handle the properties from an agent standpoint, as well as managing the full construction process from start to finish.

What is your favorite part about your job?

What I love most is definitely the people I work with and seeing a project come to life. I get to see the whole process of all of our work. From demolition to finished product. We start with a dirt lot and end up with a physical building that people call home. They spend their life there, share memories there, kids grow up there.. It means a lot to me that what I’m doing is so important to people.

What challenges do you face regularly and how do you overcome them?

On a day to day basis, the most difficult part about the job is definitely getting permits from the city. Sometimes we have to wait a while to hear back, then have to make a change, then wait to hear back, etc.. The adjustments and constant changes in the field are sometimes frustrating and hard to keep up with, and sometimes the drawings aren’t always where I want them, but I love what I do.

We overcome these problems with creativity. All of our guys- plumbers, electricians, you name it.. We put our brains together and do our best to come up with a smart and efficient, yet quick resolution to our problem. Teamwork definitely makes the dream work.

What interests you about development in Philadelphia and the work that you are learning about with the RP team?

The aspect that I love most about not only development, but Philadelphia in general as well, is definitely the diversity and creativity in everything. Everything is so different now, whereas back in the day, most buildings were so traditional and looked rather similar. I love the interior design, exterior design.. Just the overall creative aspect of each property is so exciting to me. It never gets boring because nothing is ever the same. Each project of ours has their own personality and is so unique.

Tell us about who you are outside of work.

I’m just a regular guy. I’m married, I have three kids. I value my friendships and relationships in general. Whether it be with my friends or someone work-related, I really value putting in effort and being there for everyone as much as I can. I also love sports, anything from basketball to tennis.

What is something that you think people would be interested, impressed, or surprised to know about Raza Properties?

I really want everyone to know that when we do a new construction, we always use the finest, best quality materials that we possibly can. People are living here, they sleep here, they raise kids here. We want it to be nice for them. We take pride in giving our tenants the best quality possible. We try to get creative and go above-and-beyond to think of what our tenants may want or need, and how we can deliver that to them. It’s expensive sometimes, but it’s worth it to have a happy tenant. 

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