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SPOTLIGHT on Isiah Laws

One of the fascinating things about real estate development is that it takes so many different types of people working from so many different angles to make any one project a success.  Raza Properties is a company based on the premise that drawing talent and expertise from numerous players simultaneously contributes to the advancement of community.

Today we focus in on Isiah Laws who is one such key player on the Raza Properties team.

Isiah is an Acquisition Manager. He works hard on the crucial role to research, identify, and locate the off market properties that Raza Properties may potentially have an interest in purchasing.  After the acquisition is when Raza Properties begins the process of renovating, revitalizing, or reimagining the property completely.

Like CEO Rahil Raza, who grew up around real estate and took an early interest in architecture, building, and city life, a seed was planted early on for Isiah. He shared, “I’ve always had a passion for real estate. Right out of high school I worked in construction for 6 years.” And for him that was all it took as he recalls that, “During this time I really got interested in buildings and architecture. That led me to want to get more into real estate.”

Many of Raza Properties employees see the development work they do as their passion, which we believe is what contributes to such an authentic, quality approach.  However, that means that in addition to Raza Properties they often work in other related capacities.  For Isiah, he is a licensed real estate agent in PA full time. In addition real estate and assisting Raza Properties with acquisitions we were impressed to learn that he owns and operates his own investment company- Synergy Realty Investments, LLC.

It may not come as a surprise that when asked to describe himself words like go-getter and ambitious came through. Isiah notes, “I’m always challenging myself to explore new things and go to the next level.” These qualities make Isiah an excellent compliment to Raza Properties since the work we do requires a high level of perseverance and dedication– Partnering with Philadelphia neighborhoods to realize potential and give residents the highest possible quality at the most affordable price.

Speaking of Philadelphia, love of this great city is also something that Raza Properties appreciates in their team.  Isiah shared that Philly stands out as:

“…A great city that is going through a great transition right now. We have a lot of history here. There are great shops, restaurants and things to do here. Also, with all of the new development, you are able to get a lot of house for a nice price as compared to New York; for that same price you would only be able to get an apartment.”

Isiah is a fan of good cigars so if you’re looking for him around Philly chances are you can catch him at any cigar bar in the city enjoying the atmosphere, character, and people that make Philadelphia home.

It seems it’s not just Raza Properties that appreciates the work of Isiah Laws. In closing he shared candidly,

“Raza Properties has a very clear vision of what they want to accomplish. They are also very genuine in their mission of wanting to build nice affordable homes for the citizens of this city and still provide a top notch product.”



We seek out promising development opportunities that can be acquired at a significant discount created by inefficient capital structures, event-driven distress, and asset-level difficulties. Our real estate professionals are experts at creating debt transaction structures that offer downside protection, mitigate risk, and align the interests of participating parties. Each opportunity is evaluated based on the underlying value of the asset and the risks associated with correcting the situation to unlock value. We support both the near- and long-term capital needs of the properties in which we invest. When it comes to distressed debt, high-yielding senior loans, direct equity and hybrid investments, among others our real estate professionals are seasoned experts in sourcing, analyzing, structuring and monetizing real estate investments. Their experience spans highly structured and complicated capital structures, sponsorship/management turnaround issues, divestitures, and bankruptcies.

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