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Spotlight: James Morse

If your company has been in the market for a new employee recently you understand the laborious endeavor of finding a qualified applicant.  Raza Properties underwent a search for a new hire to add to the core team of qualified professionals who work to advance the company and better meet the needs of the residents, neighborhoods, and city we serve.  That search yielded numerous applicants eager to contribute their time and talent to the mission.  

After hours of weeding through resumes and cover letters and making, in many cases, some very difficult decisions we narrowed the search down enough to interview and ultimately select a candidate. 

Welcome James Morse!

James was brought on as the Operations Manager initially, but his expertise in IT and proclivity for seeing solutions and smoothing out systems quickly morphed his position into something more specific.  We sat down with James to get a closer look at his role in the company and his life outside of Raza Properties.

What is your position with Raza Properties and when did you start?

I’m the Director of IT and Infrastructure. I was hired to implement platforms that will help in streamlining and growing the business. I started part-time in August, then transitioned to full-time in September.

What attracted you to this position and what have you enjoyed so far about your work with RP? Challenges?

It’s different than any other position I’ve held. A big chunk of my history has been in office or event environments. I’ve worked positions in the past in which I’ve had to wear several hats, but never more so than while working at Raza Properties. Everyday has been different. I might work on a project in North Philly one day, then South Philly the next, then the home office after that. It’s taken some getting used to, but it keeps productivity high and assures things stay interesting.

What interests you about development in Philadelphia and the work that you are learning about with the RP team?

My entire life I’ve been fascinated with all aspects of Philadelphia. It’s an amazing city with a rich history, a passion for the arts, and an iconic skyline. With all that combined, it feels like the city still get overshadowed by places like New York and DC that get a more international spotlight. The chip that this puts on the shoulder of many Philadelphians is crucial to the spirit of the city. It instills a sense of hustle and an eagerness to prove worth. My favorite part has been meeting so many new people. From my peers at the company, to our vendors and laborers, along with the members of the community. Everyone has been so accommodating and I appreciate how much it has helped my transition.

Tell us about who you are outside of work. 

I was born and raised in the city. My parents still live in the Mayfair section of the Northeast. I feel like the culture of the city really shaped me in my formative years. I currently live just outside the city with my wife and 6 year and 9 month old daughters. Outside of work I spend my time with my family. My love of digital media carries over outside of work. I spend alot of time photographing my daughters around the city or watching Star Wars with them.

What is something that you think people would be interested, impressed, or surprised to know about Raza Properties now that you are more intimately involved with the day to day work?

 What I love about RP, is that the company encompasses that Philadelphia spirit. Every member of the company works hard to meet specific standards. The variety of projects show how committed we are to breathing life back into the city and providing value for these communities now and in the future.

It has been clear from day one that James possesses the grit, skill, and passion needed to be a perfect fit for Raza Properties.  He hit the ground running in August and has become an integral part of realizing the vision for the company, but always more importantly, meeting the needs of the city.  

Raza Properties is all about uncovering potential in people and places–and so is also true in our own team and newest hire. We can’t wait to see all that James will bring to the table in the days, months, and years to come!

Welcome to Raza Properties James!

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