February 3, 2017
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February 17, 2017
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SPOTLIGHT on Jared N. Klein

The next Raza Properties SPOTLIGHT focuses on company attorney, Jared N. Klein.

Jared N. Klein, is an attorney with the firm of Orphanides & Toner LLP.  He shared with us that he is, “a lifelong resident of Philly” and currently lives in the Passyunk Square area where he is “the President of the Passyunk Square Civic Association.”  Jared grew up in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia and, after leaving for Baltimore to get his undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins, he returned to Philly for law school at Temple where he graduated in 2004.

When asked about his role at Raza Properties he stated, “It’s my pleasure to serve as legal counsel to Raza Properties, advising the company in all aspects of the land acquisition, development and leasing process.”

Jared is driven, and that level of commitment and professionalism is often motivated by something deeper.  When asked about this, Jared is able to draw it back to his deep “love for the City” he grew up in.

“Not only does my work with the development community provide interesting legal issues to tackle but, at the end of the day, every project I assist brings energy and an improved aesthetic to my city and helps to revitalize our tax base and schools.”

Everyone who contributes to the work of Raza Properties and affiliate companies brings something unique and noteworthy to the table.

In Jared’s case, he recognizes that “as a lifelong Philly resident and active participant in my own community association,” he understands how “important it is to involve the community as a partner in development opportunities.” With that, “I bring deep appreciation and understanding of community engagement to every Raza Properties development opportunity I am involved with.”

Like most hardworking folks affiliated with Raza Properties time off isn’t something they come by often, but once we explained what time off meant Jared shared that he enjoys spending quality time with his wife Kelly and 3 year old son Sammy (who, Jared notes, shares his love for the Sixers and an appreciation of the Process).

Of course, as a lifelong resident we need to know a Philly food favorite and when it comes to cheesesteaks he’s a proud supporter of Johns Roast Pork.

Raza Properties is grateful for the expertise and value that Jared contributes and looks forward to many more years partnering together in the revitalization of Philadelphia.







We seek out promising development opportunities that can be acquired at a significant discount created by inefficient capital structures, event-driven distress, and asset-level difficulties. Our real estate professionals are experts at creating debt transaction structures that offer downside protection, mitigate risk, and align the interests of participating parties. Each opportunity is evaluated based on the underlying value of the asset and the risks associated with correcting the situation to unlock value. We support both the near- and long-term capital needs of the properties in which we invest. When it comes to distressed debt, high-yielding senior loans, direct equity and hybrid investments, among others our real estate professionals are seasoned experts in sourcing, analyzing, structuring and monetizing real estate investments. Their experience spans highly structured and complicated capital structures, sponsorship/management turnaround issues, divestitures, and bankruptcies.

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