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SPOTLIGHT on Danny Olmeda

As we continue our Raza Properties spotlight series featuring various members of the team, today we are focusing on Danny Olmeda, our Master Plumber and Electrician.

Welcome Danny Olmeda!

Danny was brought onto the Raza Properties team as the expertise in Master Plumbing and Electrician. I was very fortunate to have the amazing opportunity to sit down with the incredibly talented Danny Olmeda to get a closer look at his role in the company and his life outside of Raza Properties.

When did you meet Rahil and when did you start your job with Raza Properties? Can you explain a little more about what you do for RPG?

I meet Rahil about 2 years ago through a mutual friend. Rahil was looking for a subcontractor for electrical work for 2031 Gerritt Street. Rahil needed a service that I could provide for him. I started my job with Raza Properties in 2017. What I do for RPG is Master Plumbing and Electrician. My job involves wiring up each property from start to finish. From rough-in to complete all the electrical sockets and light fixtures. In addition, I install all outlets throughout each property. For plumbing, I first rough-in all the water lines and drain lines for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Then, I install the bathroom toilets, showers/bathtubs, bathroom vanities. As well as installing the kitchen faucet and sink. Lastly, I install hot water tanks and the washer/dryer for the laundry room.

Tell me more about your education/work experience before Raza Properties?

I took a loan out bout 12 year ago so I could purchase a house in Kensington Philadelphia, PA. I rehabbed the house all by myself and it only took about 1 year to complete the house. Next, I resold the finished house and surprisingly it only took me about 3 months to resell my first rehabbed house project! I felt very proud of myself and was extremely grateful and blessed that all my hard work and dedication for this project turned out to be a great success. Since it did turn out to be a great success it inspired and motivated me to use that money to purchase 2 more properties in Kensington to rehab. I rehabbed both properties on my own as well. I sold one of the properties that only took me about 2 months. I kept the other property for rental income. I just keep using the money I was receiving to continue buying more houses and rehabbing them and then selling them. Today, I can proudly say I sold about 30 rehabbed properties all on my own that helped built my electrical and plumbing experience. I also attended a pluming course where I earned and received my pluming license.

What challenges do you face regularly and how do you overcome them?

Challenges I face regularly would be tenants having maintenance issues. For example, if a tenant’s hot water isn’t working then I go to the tenant’s unit and address the issue and overcome the issue by fixing it through either replacing the breaker and heating element.

What interests you about development in Philadelphia and the work that you are learning about with the RP team?

It interests me because I’ve lived in Philadelphia since I was born. I enjoy seeing my hard work. I like seeing empty lots become beautiful homes and I like knowing that I was part of this process of changing the development in Philly through dedication and passion. I’m learning more about real estate development through Rahil Raza’s seminar. I learned good communications skills since I’m working with other construction workers.

Tell us about who you are outside of work?

I am a father of 3 beautiful children: 2 girls 1 boy. I enjoy spending time with my family by going to amusement parks, Dave and Busters, movies anything that is active.

What is something that you think people would be interested, impressed, or surprised to know about Raza Properties?

I think people would impressed of how organized and how every worker is well delectated which keeps things well structured with the help of our director of operations, Anthony Biondy. Anthony guides us through each project and he’s very open to answering any questions and helping us with any confusions with work stuff. In addition, he’s great with making projects move faster and completed. Also, he helps avoid conflicts with other coworkers. People would certainly be surprised at how fast the RP construction team works when completing projects. We are very reliable and attentive when it comes to helping RP tenants with any maintenance issues they may be having.

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