Week #1: #GiveBackBuildUp and SPOTLIGHT on Raza Properties’ Employee, Anthony Biondy

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October 5, 2018
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December 12, 2018
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Week #1: #GiveBackBuildUp and SPOTLIGHT on Raza Properties’ Employee, Anthony Biondy

This year Raza Properties is organizing its 2nd Annual #GiveBackBuildUp, which will be a 4 week effort to intentionally give back to the Philadelphia community this holiday season. This week is all about our employees. We want to take time to say #ThankYou to Anthony Biondy, our Director of Operations.

Anthony Biondy has been a hard-working and loyal employee with Raza Properties since June 2018. Anthony has been in the construction industry for eight years. He has a very strong work ethic and is an extraordinarily dedicated individual. Raza Properties is incredibly grateful and appreciates everything Anthony has done and continues to do for Raza Properties and Philadelphia as a whole.

In addition to saying Thank You to Anthony this week in an intentional way. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony last week for our Raza Properties spotlight series.

When did you meet Rahil and when did you start your job with Raza Properties? Can you explain a little more about what you do for RPG?

I met Rahil in June of 2018. One day, Rahil came into the Home Depot I was working at and ordered 4,000 sqft of tile and hired me on the spot. Rahil later went on to say the reason why he hired me was because I showed a positive attitude, effective communication skills, and desire to help others. I started working for him the same month on a daily basis. I calculate material, supervise a crew of 5-18 people, network with subcontractors, meet with city and bank inspectors, and ensure that all projects are running smoothly. I oversee the entire construction division which currently has nine construction projects comprised of over 28 units.

Tell me more about your education/work experience before Raza Properties?

I went to Philadelphia community college for adult basic education classes and I am currently enrolled at Ashworth University and major in Construction Management while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Prior to starting with the company, I was a manager at Home Depot for 5 years where I was an order fulfillment manager.   I am very process driven and because of that I was able to excel in that role. I also worked in the manufacturing industry for a little while.

What challenges do you face regularly and how do you overcome them?

Things are constantly changing. Everyday you plan to do something but you don’t see the unforeseen. Adapting and adjusting to the environment and people around you is crucial. I take it as it comes and readjust.

What interests you about development in Philadelphia and the work that you are learning about with the RP team?

The fact that there is so much being built in Philly is mind blowing. I learn something new everyday. I love coming to work and learning new things.  I especially look forward to meeting and networking with new people.

Tell us about who you are outside of work?

I am recently engaged, I love the outdoors, I have a deep love for all animals, I’ve lived on the Philadelphia outskirts my whole life. My hobbies are hiking, working out, video games, and producing music. I am a big Philadelphia sports fan.

What is something that you think people would be interested, impressed, or surprised to know about Raza Properties?

People would be surprised at how family oriented Raza Properties is. We treat each other with respect, always try to help one another and always come together at stressful times so that we can accomplish our goals. We treat our tenants with the utmost respect and integrity and address any concerns that they have with their apartments. We want them to love where they live and stay with us for a long time. I don’t see many tenants leaving after they move in. It’s hard to find a company that does all these things, especially in this industry, which tends to be very cut throat.

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