Week #1: #GiveBackBuildUp Raza Properties’ Residents

November 27, 2017
Week #2: #GiveBackBuildUp Local Organizations
December 4, 2017
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Week #1: #GiveBackBuildUp Raza Properties’ Residents

Philly is a place that is comprised of all sorts of people from various walks of life.  I think many would agree that the range of talent, character, history, and grit that Philadelphians posses is one of the aspects that contribute to making this a standout city.   We appreciate developing homes for people who are hardworking, grateful, and who encompass the spirit of the city.  In our work we have crossed paths with entrepreneurs, laborers, residents, artists, mothers, fathers, life long Philadelphians, and city wanderers that have enriched our product and the experience of being in development.  

It is not often that we get to take time to stop and say thank you.  We want to give back to the individuals and build up more than their home we want to build up their humanity. 

One way did that this week is by recognizing long time resident Caine Donaghy. 

Caine has been a faithful and satisfied resident with Raza Properties since May 2014.   As a Sales & Operations Project Manager at TransUnion he works hard and contributes to the good of the area.  We know that at the end of the day he wants to come back to a place that is comfortable and provides access to the attractions and delights of the city.  Caine is a history and architecture buff and so Philly is a place that feeds that passion.  

When asked about his experience as a Raza Properties resident Caine shared that it has been positive.  He notes that there is, “great management, sense of loyalty and trust.”  As an owner we also value that same trait in Caine that he is trustworthy and loyal which makes him a great neighbor and resident.  Caine is a big foodie so Philadelphia offers so much for his love of all things food.  He also enjoys that the city is walkable and where he lives allows him to access all the food, history, and architecture that he can consume.  

We say Thank You to Caine this week in an intentional way and offered a token of our appreciation! And Thank you to all Raza Properties Residents! #GiveBackBuildUp




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