Week #2: #GiveBackBuildUp Local Organizations

Week #1: #GiveBackBuildUp and SPOTLIGHT on Raza Properties’ Employee, Anthony Biondy
December 10, 2018
Week #3: #GiveBackBuildUp at the Aquinas Center
December 20, 2018
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Week #2: #GiveBackBuildUp Local Organizations

In our 2nd week of our #GiveBackBuildUp campaign we are focused on the organizations who support the needs and well-being for the Philadelphia community. Since Raza Properties does business inside the Philadelphia community we wanted to give back to the community as much as possible. Raza Properties proudly donated to the 39th Police District Community to support their incredible and thoughtful Food Giveaway event. The Food Giveaway event was a great success and was held on Saturday, December 8th 2018.

The holidays motivated us to do something special and in particular as we challenge ourselves to #GiveBackBuildUp. So with the help of Community Relations Officer, Joseph Lukaitis we had the opportunity to team up and learn more about the 39th District Food Giveaway. Officer Lukaitis helped found the now yearly event. He also shared with us the numerous ways the Philadelphia community can get involved, support and give back to the community.

The 39th Police District Food Giveaway is an annual event where police officers, clergy members, business owners and other community members join together to bag different items of food for the community. This takes months of planning and dozens of volunteers. By working together multiple bags of food are given out to hundreds of people in need of food in the Philadelphia community. The 39th Police District show that they sincerely care and are here for the community and their needs.

Raza Properties is beyond grateful when we see the Philadelphia community come together to help each other. Also, we are thankful for all the members of the Philadelphia Police Department who are committed to providing service and engaging partners in what they call, “The PHL Way.” PHL stands for Partnership, Humanity and Leadership. It reflects the department’s values and member’s commitment to fulfill their duties with dignity and respect for others.” (Philadelphia Police Department). This is the type of positivity we want to continue to support and spread throughout the Philadelphia community. Thank you to the 39th Police District for letting Raza Properties be apart of such a meaningful event and congratulations on the huge success for the 2018 Food Giveaway. #GiveBackBuildUp



To learn more about how you can support the mission of 39th Police District visit their website or call today.

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