Week #2: #GiveBackBuildUp Local Organizations

Week #1: #GiveBackBuildUp Raza Properties’ Residents
November 30, 2017
#GiveBackBuildUp Aquinas Center, Foundations for Philadelphians
December 8, 2017
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Week #2: #GiveBackBuildUp Local Organizations

Philadelphia is fortunate to be a city that has numerous local organizations that work tirelessly for the betterment of people, places, and systems both here and afar.  It may not be news to you, but some may be unaware of the blood, sweat, and tears that contribute to making Philadelphia truly a city of brotherly and sisterly love.  

Raza Properties admits we are still growing and learning when it come to all those organizations big and small that work around the clock towards improved quality of life.  However, we have had the opportunity to interface more and more with these types of organizations and we are proud to team up with them in body and spirit in the advancement of Philadelphia. 

From the United Way of Philadelphia, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia Fight to Women Against Abuse we are home to some powerful, passionate organizations that are change agents in and around the city. Through our work we have crossed paths intentionally with Aquinas Center, focused on work that “builds unity in diversity, supports learning, and inspires thoughtful action” particularly for the immigrant community of South Philly.  And we will be collecting donations for Bethesda Project, whose mission is to, “to find and care for the abandoned poor and to be family with those who have none.” And we are on the lookout for other local entities deserving of recognition, advocacy, support, and love particularly at this time of year.

Are there organizations in your neighborhood that need lifting up or a little recognition this time of year?  Have you asked yourself if there’s a cause that’s close to your heart that is calling you to contribute in some capacity?  Do you take notice on a regular basis of the places you are passing that run on the compassion of others? 

This week we want to #GiveBackBuildUp local organizations who make us proud to be Philadelphians.  

This week join us as we try in some small, intentional way to highlight their efforts and thank them for their continued service. 

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