Week #3: #GiveBackBuildUp at the Aquinas Center

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December 12, 2018
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December 28, 2018
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Week #3: #GiveBackBuildUp at the Aquinas Center

In our 3rd week of our #GiveBackBuildUp campaign we are focused on the incredible Aquinas Center located in South Philly. The Aquinas Center is a remarkable organization that creates a welcoming space for all children, youth, and adults in the Philadelphia community. The Aquinas Center offers several wonderful programs and activities each week ranging from Encounter experiences to community organizing to immigration legal services to English classes. They also have an outstanding team that works great with the community and always lives by their mission, “Our mission is to build unity in diversity, support learning, and inspire thoughtful action” (Aquinas Center).

The Aquinas Center’s mission is one we appreciate, and hope to replicate within our organization. This is Raza Properties second year supporting and getting involved with the Aquinas Center for our #GiveBackBuildUp efforts during the holiday season. Last year, Raza Properties was fortunate to team up with the Aquinas Center to pick out and purchase books for English students that would be given at their end of the semester Christmas party. The whole experience was truly unforgettable and we are sincerely grateful that we could be a part of such a meaningful event.

Since Raza Properties had such an amazing experience working with the Aquinas Center last year, we certainly couldn’t wait to get involved again for this year’s #GiveBackBuildUp efforts. So, with the help of Executive Director, Bethany Welch and her amazing team we had the opportunity to donate and volunteer at their team and kid/youth program holiday party. Raza Properties was honored to help sponsor the food that was made by Shirley and Guadalupe. The food was very delicious and everybody at the party was very sweet and kind. I enjoyed viewing and taking pictures of the beautiful murals created during their art workshops. I learned about all the different ways anybody can get involved with the Aquinas Center. This made me feel eager and excited to continue to stay in touch with the Aquinas Center and share my positive experience.

Organizations like the Aquinas Center make us proud to be Philadelphians. We want to take the time to say thank you to the Aquinas Center for always being there for the community and their needs. Also, thank you for inviting us to your holiday party, it was a blast! To learn more about how you can support the mission of Aquinas Center visit their website or call today.












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