#GiveBackBuildUp Aquinas Center, Foundations for Philadelphians
December 8, 2017
Week #4: #GiveBackBuildUp Philadelphia
December 18, 2017
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Week #3: #GiveBackBuildUp Community

Today we enter the third week of our intentional efforts during this holiday season to #GiveBackBuildUp. We have focused our attention on individuals, organizations, and now we zone in on community, the various communities around us at large, and the immediate community that surrounds the properties our residents call home.

Community has been and continues to be a central word and concept in our mission.  

Raza Properties does not want to be known only for quality construction or quantity of properties acquired alone.  Our desire runs deeper and more meaningful than that.  We want to contribute to cultivating and supporting authentic community in Philadelphia.  

Over the past year we have highlighted many of the small businesses, entrepreneurs, and aspects of life that make a community.  From coffee shops, local eats and events, to playground revitalization, law enforcement efforts, politicians, RCOS and school needs.  We have featured long standing contributors to history and culture of the neighborhood and said hello to new faces. Raza Properties enjoys learning about the things that build a strong community and how we can be a more active, engaged entity, and also combating the less savory things that deteriorate community life.

Please join us this week as Raza Properties works to #GiveBackBuildUp on a community wide level.  Our goal is to raise our awareness of the needs of our local community and say a special thank you to those around who are consistently working to #GiveBackBuildUp.

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