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Raza Properties is proud of its growth and success with development in the Philadelphia area. As a result of the hard work and reputation for quality established, Raza Properties has begun to diversify and expand our services. Specifically, this has led to the formation of Raza Property Group, Inc. and the ancillary services offered as a beneficial component when contracting with Raza Property Group

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Raza Property Group, Inc.

Raza Property Group is the ancillary service division of Raza Properties. When taking your land or property investment to Raza Property Group you are signing on to have our professionals oversee the construction, sales, leasing, as well marketing needs for the project. The Raza Property Group, Inc. brings with it years of experience to the table in addition to detail oriented construction management, investor conscious decision making, and leadership. To the degree that investors find it helpful, Raza Property Group also assists with details such as picking out finishes, construction materials, suppliers, in general getting the most value out of your investment.

Raza Properties - a team approach to real estate development, management and leasing


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