Bigger than Buildings

We purchase property in areas of Philadelphia evidenced to be increasing in value and loaded with potential. Our team focuses on minimizing the investment risk and maximizing financial returns. We work together with in-house realtors, in-house construction management, and in-house marketing along with local professionals, neighborhood employees, and future residents to produce a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Our approach is strategic, holistic, and focused on the good of an entire area, not a single structure or piece of property. Raza Properties brings an honest, hard working approach that exceeds expectations of quality, efficiency, and profit returns while ensuring that neighborhood character and culture is respected and preserved.

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Our Mission

Raza Properties and subsidiary companies were formed to enhance the Philadelphia rental market through the development of high quality apartments in appreciating areas, for affordable prices. Raza Properties stands proud as a significant contributor to the growth and well-being of local communities and residents.

Our Vision

Real Estate Development is more than just profits and losses. Development is a passion for potential, progress, and pride in the city of Philadelphia. At Raza Properties we go beyond building structures--we build jobs, we build communities, we build opportunity.

Meet the CEO

Rahil Raza

CEO | RazaProperties

+1 215-738-1140

After Rahil graduated from Temple University School of pharmacy in May of 2009, the county was in the great recession which plagued our country from 2008 until 2013. The remnants of the housing bubble. Rahil saw this time as an opportunity to get into the Real Estate market.

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Philadelphia, PA, 19130


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