Rahil Raza

Rahil-RazaAfter CEO Rahil Raza graduated from Temple University School of pharmacy in May of 2009, the country was in the midst of the recession which plagued our country from 2008 until 2013. Rahil saw the economic turmoil and subsequent fallout from the housing bubble as an opportunity to get into the Real Estate market. His entrepreneurial spirit and keen eye for potential were drawn to the fact that properties were incredibly cheap and rates were at historic lows.

Rahil grew up around investment real estate, he watched his parents and family, who worked in the manufacturing sector, supplement their income with real estate when their jobs were outsourced. He saw firsthand the income and security benefits of investing in real estate and proceeded to learn the tax benefits from his brother, a CPA. With this knowledge in hand and seed capital from his father, Rahil and his brother started Raza enterprise in October 2009. Although it was challenging to get started, through hard work and ingenuity Rahil and his brother were able to accumulate 28 properties, valued at 8MM in a little under six years. The investment strategy was simple; find a property that was damaged and neglected in a developing area, rehab it with the highest quality products, and attract the best tenants possible.

Today, Rahil is an independent entity who partners with savvy investors. He stands strong on his formative foundation as he looks to continue growing in the future. “I always knew I wanted to be a developer. I would go into Center City and look up and stare at the architecture for hours on end. From the beginning I envisioned the potential of Philadelphia.” Since 2009, Raza Properties has developed over 155,000 of residential real estate in the Philadelphia area. Raza Properties owns and manages 85 Units and has evolved into a multi-faceted  company that is on pace to hit 5 Million in revenue in 2018, “Our growth accelerates year after year as we gain experience, gain access to capital, and gain the trust of the communities who benefit from our commitment to excellence.”

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