A vision of more-affordable housing in gentrifying Philly neighborhoods
May 28, 2017
The “What” is Housing Affordability. — Do We Understand the “Why”?
June 6, 2017
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Truth in Advertising

Recently, many have debated about what constitutes whether something is considered “affordable” or not. 

The buzz has been an opportunity for Raza Properties to self-reflect. Another chance to continue to ask ourselves are we delivering what we hope and say we do?  Individually and collectively the Raza Properties team, from the top to the bottom, took time to debate what do we mean when we say affordable–and what can we do with the feedback we get from various people on the topic of affordability? 

It may be helpful to clarify that the original vision for Raza Properties was not low-income housing or subsidized housing.  The hope was to provide high quality properties that allow hard working individuals from various walks of life who desire city life to have that opportunity.  We wanted to bring luxury living into reach for people who work hard every day, yet still may not be at the point today, or ever, to live in Center City or other out of reach neighborhoods. 

  • The mission was to put our heart and soul into the finishes, the details, employ locally when at all possible, use American Made when at all possible, and contribute something positive for and with the greater community. When we look at comparable properties with similar amenities, appliances, and square footage located in neighboring areas we wanted to strive to be lower in cost—more affordable.

We cannot say that we are a perfect product. Raza Properties operates with a self-improvement, growth-mindset that acknowledges we are always learning, improving, and refining–Learning the market, learning the needs of the community, learning from our own mistakes, learning how we can be more authentic with each day, and deliver our vision and make good on our word. 

CEO of Raza Properties and other team members met with Jeffrey Young of Councilman Clarke’s office this week and focused our energy on this very topic of reducing rent and increasing affordability.  As a result we committed to reduce a few properties currently available.  On the heels of that meeting and reflecting on the feedback about affordability, we will continue to try to trim and cut where we can to make our housing more and more affordable without sacrificing quality.  We still consider ourselves a humble development company that is trying to cover the bottom line and pay our employees as well as offer a fair, high quality product.

Our hope is that readers and residents will recognize the various ways one defines affordable and the challenge to provide a home with all the comforts and luxury possible in close proximity to the great city of Philadelphia while also keeping rates realistic and within reach. 

Will it be within reach for every person who walks by? The answer is no, unfortunately it will not. 

But when it comes to truth in advertising that was never our truth, and never our intention to advertise that. 

However, we hope that everyone who walks by can see or appreciate what we bring to the area in local business, foot traffic, positive publicity, community involvement, and good will. 

It goes without saying you can never make everyone happy.  Still, we will continue to hear and receive the feedback in earnest, always trying to improve. 


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